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Spice Rack

Here is a small spice rack I just finished, made of quartersawn white oak. The brass nails are mostly decorative, but the glue joints are pretty solid so I’m not worried.

For more info on Shuggy’s Hot and Salty Rocks, visit

Spice Rack - Front View

Spice Rack - End View

The Trouble With Trivets

Okay, sorry, the title was total click bait. There was no trouble. And I’m not even sure these are trivets, technically. I just couldn’t resist the alliteration.

Here are three small (five-and-a-half inches square by 3/4) trivets. Or perhaps they are very small cheese trays, or maybe they are breadboards for a doll house at about one-third or one-quarter scale. Or super-thick coasters.


The important thing is, I used up some scrap wood. The wood species (working outward from the center) are walnut, maple, purpleheart, and cherry.

Trivets + Mug

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Mini Magnifying Glasses

Here are five new mini magnifying glasses, in acrylic colours called (l-r) Bumblebee, Caribbean Sea, Cosmic Green, Creamsicle, and Caribbean Sea again.

Mini Magnifiers

My hamfisted ham of a fist is shown only for scale. Your hand may be smaller and more delicate.

Mini Magnifiers

(The orange one is spoken for.)

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Be It Ever So Humbling…

So here are some photos of what I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks in the Barkwhistle Wood Shop:






Yeah, pretty much nothing. January doldrums, or something. I say “pretty much” nothing because technically, there was something. I thought I would make a little caddy to hold my various replacement carbide cutter heads in their little packages, sorted into each type, to replace the empty yogurt container I have been using for that purpose. Just a simple plywood and hardboard thingy, but with small rabbets and dadoes to keep everything lined up and to hone my skills.

Should be no big deal for a maker of fine jewelry boxes such as myself, right? “Wrong again, Bob!

I don’t know exactly what went wrong, but let’s just say there will be no photos. Probably. My little interior dividers were so out of alignment the first time that I had to start them over. Still not perfect, but enough is enough. It’s just a stupid little shop project, so I probably didn’t slow down enough to finesse the details the way you need to with any joinery. Like the title says, a humbling (and frustrating) project.

I think I will just putty up the excess gaps in the enlarged-into-alignment dadoes and spray paint the whole thing orange. THEN I might post a picture…

Market Day

Here I am, flogging my wares at Market Day today. Market Day happens 3 or 4 times a year, and is an event held by the Saugeen Trading Community, which is “a regionally-based monetary system that endeavours to meet economic and social needs of the local community by providing a vehicle for the exchange of labour and goods.” Most people at Market Day, and throughout the year for that matter, pay in “Saubucks”, although some people today payed in “federal” (real) dollars. Vendors can specify which they prefer, but I’ve found it easier (and better for sales) to let people pay in the currency of their choice.

Flogging My Wares at Market Day Dec. 15/2013
Click photo to view larger on Flickr (photo by Lynda Chiotti)

Anyway, I had an exceptional day today, selling more than double my previous best-day from December 2011. All three spice grinders went, all but one of the large cutting boards, both mini-magnifiers, and a bunch of pens.

I think it was the magical antlers that put it over the top.

Small Stripey Trays

This is a pair of small wooden trays I just made. One is for a favourite client (I will give her the choice) and we’ll probably keep the other one, unless somebody speaks up. They’re modelled and sized after a plastic version that sits on our dining table to hold the salt and pepper shakers, and occasional other items.

Small Stripey Trays

The one with the maple sides (the one on the right) is the result of a “last minute design change” referred to in my previous post, “Don’t Get Cocky“. It’s a good feeling to have rescued it. I may even prefer the look of it, although they both work.