Market Day

Here I am, flogging my wares at Market Day today. Market Day happens 3 or 4 times a year, and is an event held by the Saugeen Trading Community, which is “a regionally-based monetary system that endeavours to meet economic and social needs of the local community by providing a vehicle for the exchange of labour and goods.” Most people at Market Day, and throughout the year for that matter, pay in “Saubucks”, although some people today payed in “federal” (real) dollars. Vendors can specify which they prefer, but I’ve found it easier (and better for sales) to let people pay in the currency of their choice.

Flogging My Wares at Market Day Dec. 15/2013
Click photo to view larger on Flickr (photo by Lynda Chiotti)

Anyway, I had an exceptional day today, selling more than double my previous best-day from December 2011. All three spice grinders went, all but one of the large cutting boards, both mini-magnifiers, and a bunch of pens.

I think it was the magical antlers that put it over the top.