Tiny Lighthouse Meets Giant Birdhouse

The problem was, I was reluctant to leave the replica-ish Lion’s Head Lighthouse I recently built outside all winter (although that was kind of the point, to cover the ugly wellhead in the front garden). So I thought I’d build something way easier that I wouldn’t feel so protective about. Hence the big-ass birdhouse. However, I now love them both equally and don’t want to risk either of them outside all winter. But if I had to rebuild one of them because it collapsed from all the snow getting shoveled onto it, the birdhouse would be the quickest to replace, so I guess that’s settled…

IMG_1034 Tiny Lighthouse Meets Giant Birdhouse

IMG_1035 Giant Birdhouse

IMG_1036 Lion's Head Lighthouse on the Front Lawn

IMG_1031 Giant Birdhouse on the Front Lawn

IMG_1033  Lion's Head Lighthouse in the Front Garden