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Small Kit Projects

Small project time… here is a pair of mini-magnifiers… the wood is a laminated product called Dymalux, in Cranberry. It polishes up very nicely, like an acrylic, but behaves more like a very even-grained wood when turning. I’ll be trying more of this. It’s similar to Spectraply, but a little denser, I think.

Mini Magnifiers

Here are a couple of couples of seam rippers. A couple in walnut and a couple in padauk.

Walnut Seam Rippers

These are double-ended seam rippers, for those who sew and are not perfect. There is a large and a small blade, and each can be turned around to store the blade inside the tube.

Padauk Seam Rippers

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Bubinga and Holly Grinder
This is a small spice grinder, the last of the kits I got a while back. Saving this one for me, I think. I changed the shape a little from the other ones, seems to work for my hand. It’s made from some of my dwindling stock of figured bubinga, with a holly stripe.

Four Teeny Tiny Bubinga Bowls
I didn’t want to waste any of that lovely figured bubinga, so with offcuts from preparing the blank for the bubinga spice grinder, I made these teeny tiny bubinga bowls. I like to say “bubinga”.

Two Tiny Treens and a Tooney

This is a pair of small woodturnings, called treens by some (particularly by Beall Tool Co., the maker of the Treen Mandrel System which I used to turn these.)

Two Tiny Treens

A Canadian two-dollar coin, a tooney, is included for scale. And in fact they’d be good for collecting your toonies and other loose change.

Two Tiny Treens and a Tooney

Rolling Pins

Rolling Pins, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

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This is a pair of small rolling pins made from hard maple with prominent zebrawood accents. I made these as a custom order — the dimensions are as per the customer’s specs, about 10 inches long by about 2 inches diameter for the larger one, a bit less for the smaller one. The tapered one is a so-called "French rolling pin". Both are intended to be used one-handed.

Two Scoops and a Box

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Two Scoops

Two Scoops
When life hands you a heat wave… Here’s a pair of ice cream scoops I just made. The wood is Pau Ferro, the scoop is “platinum gold with gunmetal accents.”

Zebrawood Bubinga Walnut Jewelry Box

Zebrawood Bubinga Walnut Jewelry Box
This is the same box I posted a while ago, except I’ve gone ahead and made it into an actual jewelry box (added the upper tray, the dividers and the blue flocking.)

Zebrawood Bubinga Walnut Jewelry Box

Zebrawood Bubinga Walnut Jewelry Box

Five Wine Stoppers

Five Wine Stoppers, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

Another smart shopper allowed me to make these bottle stoppers in plenty of time for her holiday gift list. The three on the left are made from Pau Ferro, and the two on the right are Padauk. These are two of my favourite woods to work with. I also enjoy James Woods, but not so much Tiger Woods, though I’ve never actually worked with either of them.