Another Fine Mess

When you turn acrylic on the lathe, it doesn’t get more or less messy than when you turn wood. The problem is, I use the vacuumed-up wood shavings and sawdust as mulch on the paths out in the back 40, and I don’t really want multi-coloured plastic mulch out there. Tends not to compost and might be harmful to critters. So therefore I don’t run the dust collection, or vacuum up the leftovers. So therefore I don’t turn acrylic pens very often.
Acrylic Pen - The Aftermath

Despite the mess that turning acrylic makes, the results can make it worth the effort. These are a new-to-me kit called “Stratus” in a “Gun Metal” plating. I like the style. It’s masculine without going all the way to being one of those obnoxious lock-and-load bullet-style pens. They’re a decently large size, for those with larger hands that tend to swallow a lesser pen.
Two Acrylic Pens
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