Stripey Pen Build

Just for fun I thought I would document the process of making a laminated Stripey Swirly Twist Pen.

Start Here
Stripey Pen - Start Here
At the table saw, I ripped a bunch of thin strips from these maple and walnut scraps I had lying around.

Watching Glue Dry
Stripey Pen - Watching Glue Dry
The maple and walnut strips were alternately glued together and clamped up to dry overnight.

Laying Out the Blanks
Stripey Pen - Laying Out the Blanks
Using an acrylic blank I had nearby, I layout the blanks at an angle. Should be able to get two or three pens out of this.

Ready to Cut
Stripey Pen - Ready to Cut
Shows the lines for cutting at the bandsaw.

We Have Pen Blanks
Stripey Pen - We Have Pen Blanks
Blanks were cut at the bandsaw. Two full length ones, for sure, and I can probably use the other bits for something, at least one more pen I think.

Ready for Brass
Stripey Pen - Ready for Brass
Blanks were cut to just a bit longer than the tubes, a 7mm hole drilled through each at the drill press, and now the tubes can be glued in.

Tubes In and Trimmed
Stripey Pen - Tubes In and Trimmed
Brass tubes are glued in place, and the ends trued up with the barrel trimmer.

Ready for Turning
Stripey Pen - Ready for Turning
Now comes the fun part. Shields UP!

Turn Turn Turn
Stripey Pen - Turn Turn Turn
Only with the flat-bottomed Easy Wood Tool, and only after the initial rough turning to round, would I attempt the one-handed lathe action photo.

Turning Done
Stripey Pen - Turning Done
Ready for final sanding, waxing, and polishing.

Final Wax
Stripey Pen - Final Wax
After numerous rounds of sanding, followed by the Australian part of the operation (EEE Ultra Shine and Shellawax Polish, “Australian and Proud Of It” – them, not me) I apply a final top coat of Liberon wax stick.

Final Polishing
Stripey Pen - Final Polishing
Buffing up the last coat of wax.

Finished Finishing
Stripey Pen - Finished Finishing
Finished with the lathe, ready to come off and be put together.

Ready for Assembly
Stripey Pen - Ready for Assembly
This kit has a manageable number of pieces, unlike some of the fancy schmancy kits, like rollerballs.

Flattened Bolt
Stripey Pen - Flattened Bolt
Grinding a flat spot on the head of a bolt and chucking it in the drill press makes for a pretty solid pen press.

Pressing the Nib
Stripey Pen - Pressing the Nib
And if you’ve ever had your nib pressed, you know how painful that can be.

Stripey Pen – Final
Stripey Pen - Final

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