Tiny Walnut Bowl

Back in the shop today after a lazy January …plus a lazy first week or so of February… seems to happen that way every year… I decided to try something with some chunks of a walnut tree that was harvested last summer.

Small Walnut Bowl
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Those are mints, not eggs, by the way. This bowl is about 2 inches in diameter, by about 2 and a half inches tall, and would probably hold ONE egg just nicely. I’m pushing the process a little, in that the walnut was only cut 6-8 months ago. I rough-turned three bowls from the same wood not too long ago, and put them away for another 6 months or so, but I thought I’d go ahead with some small turnings, just to see how it would work out. I think it’s small enough that nothing too dramatic will happen as it finishes drying. Time will tell, as it does.