Front Hall Table

Finally finished finishing the finish on this small table for the front hall entry area of the house.

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Front Hall Table 1

The table is made of walnut with maple racing stripes for speed and agility. Standard mortise and tenon joinery was used. The finish is about 4-6 coats of Minwax Wipe-On Poly (more on the top).

Front Hall Table 2

The shape of the top is kind of a modified octagon. Octagons are a bit of a theme around here: there’s a small octagonal window above the front door, the front garden bed is octagonal. There’s even an octagonal planter (or small umbrella stand) pictured on the floor there in the corner.

Front Hall Table 3

I’ve been dawdling over this one all summer, nice to see it finally done.

Front Hall Table 4

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