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Celtic Pens! (and more)

A new design here at Barkwhistle Wood Shop is this Celtic Twist Pen, shown here in both antique brass and antique pewter finish. A green stone in the cap matches the “midnight forest” acrylic body.

Two Celtic Pens

An emerging favourite is the Stratus Click Pen. These two are in the gunmetal finish, colours are called “sunset swirl” and “creamsicle”.

Two Stratus Click Pens

Continuing with the gunmetal Stratus, here are four “bespoke” pens, as in, they’re already bespoken for. Acrylic colours are called Salt and Pepper, Cosmic Green, Caribbean Sea, and Bumble Bee.

Four Bespoke Pens

And because I still like turning wood sometimes here in the wood shop, here are a Streamline Twist Pen and two Slimline Twist Pens, in gold finish. The woods are (top to bottom) Bloodwood, Bubinga, and Sapele.

Two Slimlines and a  Streamline

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Some Recent Pens – September 2014

Here are some recent pens I’ve made, which keeps me out of trouble, and fills the empty hours between larger projects.

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Ebony Virage Rollerballs

Virage Ebony Rollerballs

Virage Ebony Rollerballs

Bloodwood Virage Rollerball

Bloodwood Virage Rollerball

Bubinga Stratus Click Ballpoints

Bubinga Stratus Click Pens

Acrylic “Midnight Forest” Slimline Twist Ballpoint

Midnight Forest Acrylic Slimline

Slim and Slimmer

Here are two new pens in the “Slimline” style, the potentially slimmest pens I make. One of these lives up to the name; for the other I left a little more meat on his bones. These are in gold plating, and made from zebrawood.

Slim and Slimmer

And also here’s a “Streamline”-style pen, which are generally a bit thicker around the waistband than the Slimlines. Also gold plating, but made with Bethlehem olivewood, which looks pretty similar.

Streamline Olivewood

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Everyone’s “Buzzing” About These Pens

Here are two new ballpoints in the “Streamline” style, gold plating. The cutesy name of the acryclic colour is “Bumble Bee”. Everyone’s buzzing about them. I don’t want to say these bumble bee pens are endangered, but there are only two that I know of in the wild.

Two Yellow Steamline Pens (crossed)

Two Yellow Steamline Pens (uncrossed)

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Hot Colours for Summer!

Orange and Green Streamline Pens

Orange and Green Streamline Pens

Sexy bright colours for summer! Work on your novel at the beach! “Outrageous Orange” and “Cosmic Green” acrylic ballpoint pens. Plating is gun metal., style is Streamline (twist action).

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Diva Pens

Something a little different: Diva Pens! To express your inner (or outer) diva! They are plated in rhodium (a kind of platinum) with a purple crystal and a blue crystal, respectively. The acrylic bodies are called “Caribbean Sea” and “Purple Pebble” respectively.

Diva Pens

Diva Pens (detail)

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Two Acrylic Sedona Rollerball Pens

Here are two new rollerball pens I just finished. Switching over to acrylics, at least for the moment, these are called “Gray Marble” and “Purple Passion”. The style is “Sedona” in a chrome plating.

Two Sedona Rollerball Pens (open)

Two Sedona Rollerball Pens (closed)

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Virage Rollerball in Ebony

Here’s a new “Virage”-type rollerball pen, chrome plating, wood is ebony.

Ebony Rollerball Pen

I love the black shavings. I made a quick little jig to use a block plane to quickly take off the corners just before mounting the blanks on the lathe. (Saves a little potential drama at the beginning). Hence the little shavings.

Ebony Shavings: Black is beautiful

PS This pen sold almost immediately. Guess I should make some more!