NOT impressed with my new Delta Table Saw (Update: FIXED)

I’ve been trying to stay positive as I assembled my new Delta Hybrid table saw but I’m just about out of patience now…
I was looking forward to the upgrade from my little Ryobi, but I’m beginning to wish I’d invested elsewhere. Anywho, here’s the deal:
(1) Cast iron extension wing could not be made flush with centre table, I had to bore out the holes by about 1/8″ to allow sufficient play to bring it up flush.
(2) The scale on the front wheel, showing the blade angle, is useless, since when the blade is at a perfect 90 degrees, the scale shows 2 degrees, even with the limited adjustment of the pointer all the way over.
(3) And now the final insult – the blade is not parallel to the miter slot, my first little test cuts (2×4 crosscut with miter gauge at 90) caused burning of the wood. The front of the blade is a full 1/16th” to the right compared to the rear. Apparently I’m supposed to loosen the 4 trunnion bolts (“in the rare event that this difficult adjustment should be neccessary”) only two of which are accessible enough to illustrate in the manual. And I’m not the most “flexible” person for this kind of work. 🙂
This is very disheartening. 🙁 I didn’t sign up to be a table saw repairman, I just want to make some sawdust, maybe a birdhouse or two. I wonder if Welbeck Sawmill will take it back, or whether I’ll just have similar grief with another brand.
Update: The local Delta authorized repair and warranty people, “Murray’s Sharpening and Tool Repair”, were able to take the thing apart in their shop, and re-assemble it the way it should have been assembled at the factory, i.e. in perfect alignment. Murray himself picked it up and dropped it off. So I’m a happy camper.