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Another Swivel Clock

Another Swivel Clock

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I made a couple of these just over a year ago, and then realized the other day I still had one clock mechanism left. It wasn’t doing anyone any good sitting in a drawer, so I made the clock to go around it. This one is purpleheart with curly maple.

This is one of the older ones I did. Pretty much identical except for the wood choice (wenge and curly maple).
Swiveling Desk Clock

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From a design by The Wood Whisperer.

Tea Light Candle Holders

Tea Light Holders

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This is a pair of small tea light candle holders, based almost entirely on a design by Steve Ramsey of “Woodworking for Mere Mortals”. You can see the original if you click here.

The only thing I changed was that I cut a bit of an angle from the ends of the maple pieces, rather than leave them just square and straight. The other thing I changed, somewhat reluctantly, is that I made the shallow holes for the candles a bit wider, because the “right-sized” holes seemed a bit unsafely undersized for these candles. The wood species used are maple and purpleheart.

Cherry iPad Stand

This is a stand for the iPad2, made from Cherry. That is, the stand is made from cherry. Not the iPad.

Cherry iPad Stand

I had previously made, and deployed, a very similar stand for the original iPad, but the iPad 2 has buttons on the side that made the old stand problematic. This new one addresses that by having a shorter support piece. The switch just hangs over empty space now.

Cherry iPad Stand

The joinery is stop-routed mortises and offset tenons. Offset because I routed the mortises in the wrong place. But you’d never know that, so I’m not sure why I mention it.

Cherry iPad Stand

The iPad belongs to my wife. Actually so does the stand, as soon as she pays me for the wood.

Two Christmas Presents and a Video

Merry Christmas! Here are a couple of Christmas presents I made, one for Lynda and one for myself. And stay tuned for a video that’s exactly as exciting as watching icicles hanging from a roof.

Continuing the octagon theme for our household, here is a small pot pourri holder I made for Lynda for Christmas.
Cedar Pot Pourri Holder

From a design by The Wood Whisperer ( this is a small swiveling desk clock. The hardware is from Lee Valley Tools, the wood is Wenge and Curly Maple.
Swivelling Desk Clock

And now our main feature: colder but more exciting than watching grass grow, here are the icicles hanging from our roof, presented in vertically letter-boxed format because I’m an idiot and shot it in portrait orientation, requiring a trip into windows Movie Maker to rotate. Now I’ve got Movie Maker cooties all over me…

Octo Pieces

We have kind of an "Octo" theme going in our house. There is a small octagonal stained glass window above the front door, I built some large octagonal planters a while back, and one of our gardens is octagonally bordered, so here’s a couple more on that theme.

Octo Cheese Board, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

The octo cheese board matches the larger laminated breadboard I did recently, and is actually left over from the laminated top for a matching bread box that is in progress.

Octo Planter, originally uploaded by rgdaniel.

The small octo planter, really an octo flower pot, was to use up some red cedar from the Muskoka Chairs… and still a few pieces left, so I may do one or two more of these…