Almost a Bowl

I thought I would grab some photos of this bowl-in-progress today, in case something goes horribly wrong tomorrow. Woodworking can break your heart — it’s best to be prepared for the worst. It just makes success that much sweeter!

Almost a Bowl (1)

The outside is fully shaped and has a first coat of finish on it. In the picture below you can see I added a couple of detail rings on the bottom which nobody will ever see, but I’ll know they’re there.

Almost a Bowl (2)

The S-shaped tool rest allows me to get in closer to the inside of the bowl. I’m using mostly the Easy Wood Tools Finisher because I love the carbide cutters. I went back to a bowl gouge briefly and it felt scary and unpredictable by comparison. No looking back now.

Almost a Bowl (3)

I’m at that delicate stage in the process where you have to find the compromise between making the bowl thin and delicate vs. staying safe and not risking all that’s been invested. I figure I have a little ways to go yet, it still feels a bit clunky to my hand, and it feels like a stable enough piece of maple, despite some nice figure, that I can take it a bit further. Fingers crossed.